Laughter for your health

Research has shown that laughter can have serious positive physiological, psychological, social life, and quality-of-life effects. Indeed, since 1979  when Norman Cousins described in his book « As Anatomy of an Illness » laughter as creating an analgesic effect for pain caused by his ankylosing spondylitis, interest in laughter as a potential therapeutic option has increased.
It’s commonly held that laughter releases serotonin and endorphins, natural brain chemicals released during pleasurable activities.  Raising these body’s natural biochemicals levels can help improve your overall health. By activating the neural pathways of emotions such as joy and cheerfulness, laughter can improve your mood and help your physical and emotional responses prevent diseases and stress. In fact, by limiting stress hormone blood levels such as cortisol; serotonin and endorphins play an antidote function against it, and this helps reduce vulnerability to diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune system issues. 
 High endorphin levels may help to : 
–    Reduce pain 
–    Increase pleasure
–    Reduce stress
–    Boost moods
–    Promote immune system function
 Feelings such as joy, happiness, and mirth help you to be more resilient, empowered to problem-solve, and a creative thinker.  Laughter produces positive emotions that lead to getting life satisfaction, flourishing life and subjective well-being. 

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