Raise your healthy relationship with technology

You are living an unprecedentedly connected life. Because of accelerated digital technology development and countless digital tools and devices, technology has become a core part of your daily life. Even though it provides humans with numerous benefits, a bad relationship with technology might have huge negative outcomes for your mental and physical health.
Cultivating a healthy relationship with technology is extremely important in order to maintain and enhance your wellness. It is also crucial to be aware of skills that help you be the master of your technological devices instead of being slaves to them. The Internet offers the opportunity to learn a lot about digital literacy and ways to develop a healthy relationship with technology. 
Setting up healthy boundaries is very useful for reaping the benefits of technology as well as ensuring your well-being. Limiting screen and device time can help you establish good digital practices.  It is fundamental to maintain a strong relationship with nature and preserve offline activities, especially different hobbies like reading paper books, spending time with loved ones, and doing physical activity. 

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