Creative thinking through The Six Thinking Hats.

Edward de Bono the Maltese physician, psychologist, and philosopher is recognized to develop the Six Thinking Hats approach.
This method is a fantastic way to organize individual or group thought, facilitate problem-solving by encouraging critical thinking, and prevent early inhibition of fresh, troubling, or outlandish ideas.

Through the presentation and organization of ideas and proposals in a predetermined structure, this technique contributes in the growth of creative thinking. In addition to raising the typicalprocess of your thinking, the Six Thinking Hats method includes the following advantages:
– Better organizational skills
– Increased creativity
 – Stronger cognitive abilities
– Improved interpersonal abilities.

You can use the Six Thinking Hats technique alone or with your team, and it incorporates six different forms of thinking. Different hats reflect each type of thinking:  
Blue Hat: planning and organization; you concentrate on mind control and decision-making process management. You have objectives, request summaries, and draw conclusions.
Green Hat:Creative thinking; When “wearing” this hat, you consider a variety of concepts and potential directions.
Red Hat: Sensations and emotions; This kind of thinking allows you to express your emotions without having to rationally support them.
Yellow Hat: Advantages and Principles ;When you think with your yellow hat, you try to see things as positively as you can. You draw attention to the advantages and value that could result from your suggestions.
Black Hat: risk assessment; you use critical judgment and detail the specific reasons for your worries.
White Hat: collecting of information; Consider the information and insights you have previously gathered, as well as the knowledge you lack and the resources you can use to acquire it.  

You can develop a deep grasp of the problems you confront and the best course of action by “wearing” each of the Six Thinking Hats in turn. Additionally, you promote complete participation from everyone in the decision-making process. Finally, you may use a sheet to write down all your ideas and you can efficiently structure them in a mind map.      

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