Is Digital Art better than Traditional Art?

There is overwhelming evidence that painting has been a medium of expression for humans since the dawn of time.

Since then, however, both art and humans have advanced significantly, from cave walls to tablets.

Whether it takes the form of conventional art or digital art, for man, art is a representation of his feelings, thoughts, creativity, and ideas.

The debate over conventional vs. digital art still exists today. What is superior?

You have a chance to relate to traditional art by interacting closely in it. You become close to the object when you touch it and feel its texture.
Howevre, even though it lacks a human touch, digital art is nonetheless more popular and is today the most often used art form for commercial design and art.
Both artistic disciplines have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks.

However, if you truly comprehend what art is, you must be aware that any kind or form of art is incomparable.

Both traditional and digital art are effective in their respective mediums. It is unwise to believe that traditional art is superior to digital art or the opposite.

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  1. The important thing is to express the hidden feelings, whatever the expressive means, and every time has its own means of communication.

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