The black cat

I felt very annoyed when the noisy black cat came again at such an early time in the morning. She came from our close neighbor and stayed near my window.  I had no other option but to let her get in my room and then I opened the doors to lead her toward the outside.

The next day, the same cat came again and started to meow loudly. She maybe wanted me to keep her and take care of her, but I don’t have time to look after her, and I don’t like the black color, I prefer white instead.  So, I was very rude to her this time. I wanted her to get out of the house immediately.

I went back to bed, but she returned and started to meow loudly again. That was extremely irritating. I went to work that morning feeling troubled. I couldn’t come up with an efficient way to stop this trouble. This incident had happened several times, until, one day she didn’t come, I was surprisingly happy! The next day neither, the noisy black cat didn’t come. After a few days, I knew that our neighbor had taken her far away from our neighborhood. That was helpful for all of us.

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  1. love this
    Great blog post! I could really relate to the annoyance of an unwelcome visitor disrupting my morning routine. Have you ever considered alternative ways of dealing with unwanted cats in the future, such as contacting animal control or using pet repellent sprays?

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