Kindness towards youself allows you to grow

Nowadays, self-kindness is a concern for psychoanalysis experts. Actually, it involves tolerance  which is a sort of self-respect that includes love for oneself; to believe in oneself means to be ready to acknowledge one’s tendencies, propensities, talents, resources, and capacity for recovery.

It calls for creative self-love, it enables the person to mature, develop his creativity, grasp all the favorable circumstances that offer themselves, to be resourceful and adapt to new situations, while carefully and valiantly protecting its self-preservation.

This is trying to suggest to avoid situations, relationships that can hurt, destabilize, but also go to contacts likely to enrich us, to people who do good to better understand each other, learn more about yourself, please your mind and your body. This promotes your psychophysiological well-being.

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  1. Perhaps the most important thing in life is to know how to forgive yourself, and you can only do that by accepting and appreciating yourself and seizing any opportunity to develop and discover the unknown….

    1. Thank you very much for your comment.
      Yes, I agree with you, if someone didn’t forgive himself, he would have negative feelings like guilt, worry, shame, anxiety.. and that decreases one’s well-being. The smart way to avoid this is to learn lessons from one-self life’s events.

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