Writing activity improves your wellbeing

I would like to share with you some of the advantages of writing for your health and well-being. Indeed, there is an expanding interest in arts-based interventions that have been directly connected to health and wellness on a global scale.

In this regard, many people frequently record key life events in personal journals, whether they are pleasant or negative. A diary is a tool where thoughts, ideas, reflections, self-evaluations, and self-assurances can be privately recorded. It can be considered as a kind of logbook.

Yet, it has been discovered that expressive writing can be used well as a “stand alone” method to treat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The use of writing interventions in healthcare can take many different forms, including creative writing, poetry, story therapy, and expressive writing.

James Pennebaker recognised as a pioneer of writing therapy, he was the first researcher that studied therapeutic effects of writing.  He created a technique known as expressive writing, which is expressing emotions and thoughts into written words in order to deal with distressing circumstances.

Although creative writing has long been practiced at art academies, it has only recently evolved as a distinct method for improving health and wellness, establishing a distinction between personal growth and therapy.

With a focus on artistic form and assisted by professional writers, whether or not health care experts are present, creative writing is seen as a vehicle for the expression of emotion and thought.

Last but not least, writing technique has lately been used as a helpful tool to support psychological wellbeing in a number of positive interventions. Therefore, as research has shown, writing for both expressive and creative purposes is good for your physical and mental health.

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