How nature improves your creativity?

Your preference for landscapes and your restorative experience may be influenced by the perceived naturalness, or how close you feel to natural components like water, plants, and other natural aspects.

According to studies, the presence of visible natural landscape features influences how natural people perceive their surroundings to be, which in turn affects how creative and restorative they feel. In fact, research show that a “fascinating” natural environment promotes creativity and generates thoughts, which are linked to mind-wandering. In other words, natural settings are easily drawn to unintentionally, enabling the mind to wander and regain focused concentration.

Additionally, being in a natural setting enables you to temporarily disengage from daily situations like dazed or confused periods.

Greater flower colors and diversity may attract visible species richness, promote a more positive aesthetic experience, benefit restoration efforts, and improve your health, according to studies that examined the relationship between plant diversity, flower color diversity and richness, and perceived biodiversity.

As a result, enhancing the appearance of your home’s naturalness, such as by growing flowers, may have positive psychological effects in addition to enhancing the surrounding environment and inspiring original thought.

Lastly, studies show that witnessing a scene with natural features encourages curiosity and a flexible imagination more than viewing a scene with artificial aspects.

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