What is your PHA ?

According to studies involving people with depression, the brain requires continuous neural circuit stimulation, or “exercising,” via prolonged and intentional activity to prevent the formation of anhedonia.

Within this framxork, Dr. Mukarram Zaidi has urged his patients to consider the idea of coordinating their PHAs (Passion, Hobby, and Activities).

A pastime or interest is typically thought of as something you do in your free time for enjoyment. It can bring happiness, but only temporarily. In contrast, a passion is an activity that you engage in with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Without it, one could not survive. People frequently feel pressured to make. Despite how busy life becomes, they can still find time for their passions. The trick is to match one’s passion and activity.

Individuals are encouraged to explore new hobbies, which can turn into regular activities, such as painting, sewing, knitting, gardening, or carpentry. New behaviours can positively impact mental health by providing novel experience and cognitive stimulation. Learning new skills also helps to take focus away from anxiety. This is replaced with creativity and playfulness. When these activities are done in group settings, people can find social support and a sense of purpose.

PHA is a phrase Dr. Zaidi used to describe the idea that people should aim to establish a permanent hobby out of something they are highly enthusiastic about, such as photography, hockey, or skiing. The three elements are in alignment in this manner.

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