Religion and well-being: studies confirm their connection.

According to a recent Gallup Poll study, the January 2022 Mood of the Nation Survey, Americans who attend religious services more often are happier with their personal lives than those who do not. The data shows that Americans who are religious, as measured by religious service attendance, are more likely to say they are personally satisfied than those who are not religious.

According to Gallup statistics, 92% of those who regularly attend church services are satisfied, compared to 82% of people who do so less frequently. When it comes to the percentage of attendees who say they are extremely content, the gap is even more pronounced: 67% of weekly attendees are extremely satisfied with their personal lives, as opposed to 48% of infrequent attendees.

Furthermore, attending weekly religious services actually increases the likelihood of being very content compared to people whose annual family income is $100,000 or higher.

Despite the fact that years of research have well-documented the physical and mental health benefits of spiritual and religious practices, according to Frank Newport, « these findings update the confirmation of the connection between religion and wellbeing — making it one of the most researched and robust findings in all of the sociology of religion ».

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