Creative activities are beneficial for your well-being

Being creative has manifold benefits for your mental health. Indeed, spending time on creative activities increases happiness, helps to experience a positive mood, promotes positive emotions, keeps you productive during a trauma, helps you manage negative emotions, lessens depressive symptoms, reduces anxiety, decreases stress, and boosts your immune system.

When you are completely absorbed in any creative activity, you lose all sense of self and time. You’re just being in flow, which helps you to achieve your tasks and to succeed at creating results. This helps your brain to be flooded with magical hormones of happiness, especially dopamine.

Studies have shown that spending time on creative goals is associated with higher levels of activated positive affect and flourishing. Regarding one study published in 2016 by Tamlin S. Conner, Colin G. DeYoung, and Paul J. Silvia, creativity can be a means of cultivating positive psychological functioning.

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  1. A Person searches for well-being mostly in matters that are outside him, and in fact they are hidden in his depths, and he only has to reveal them and creative works are among the manifestations of this disclosure of the treasures inside the human being

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