Green…the color of life and hope

In ancient Egyptian symbolism, the green color is associated with water, the primordial element of creation, and is attributed to the god Ptah (Creator god), the goddess Maat (divine order), and Osiris (the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation). Represented by a hieroglyph in the form of papyrus, green is the symbol of youth and regeneration. 

In Rome, it is the color of Venus, the goddess of spring and gardens, and of love. It then evokes renewal because it signals the end of winter, so it symbolizes hope.

In Christian symbolism, green is associated with the regeneration of mankind, ensured by the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. It is therefore the color of the vestments of priests between Pentecost and Advent. In the Middle Ages, the cross and the instruments of the Passion were also represented in green.

In the Qur’an, the central religious text in Islam, the color green is mentioned more than once, and it has several connotations, including those describing the condition of people in Paradise or that which surrounds them with happiness in an atmosphere of joy, pleasure, and psychological comfort.

When feelings and emotions are symbolized in writing and speech, green acts like flags to reinforce positive feelings, which include :

– Freshness and fertility ;

– Permanence, immortality, resurrection, and faithfulness ;

– Liberty ;

– Hospitality;

– knowledge, insight, and wisdom,

– Meditation, and obedience to the laws of nature;

– Lovers..

– Health, ecology, and environment.

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