Friendship is beneficial for your wellness

Human beings are social species, therefore everyone needs social interactions. That’s why people are looking for friends and working at maintaining those friendships. The basis of friendship is to value one another, every one offers something that is valuable to another one. Experts say that humans are hardwired to connect and social links are part of well-being.
In one study, people who reported having had lots of friends in childhood had lower blood pressure and were likely to be at a healthy weight than those who were less sociable.
According to some research, loneliness may lead to several psychiatric disorders, such as depression, personality disorders, substance use and can even contribute to physical health issues.
Furthermore, psychologists say that friendships have the potential to protect you from the negative impact of loneliness. Effective friendship provides you with strong sens of companionship, mitigate feeling of loneliness, and contribute to both life satisfaction and self-esteem.
Lack of social interaction impact negatively not only the mental health, but also physical health either, studies have shown that a low quality and quantity of social links are associated with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and impaired immune system.
Finally, all evidence suggest that socialization benefits both your mental and physical health. The key would be the hormone and neurotransmitter, produced by hypothalamus, the oxytocin. This ’s involved in childbirth, lactation but also associated with empathy, generosity, love and trust; all of which represent key factors in friendships.

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