Porcelain art brings pleasure to your daily life

Our ancestors used to feel the beauty of everyday life, therefore they appreciated using artistic objects created for daily use, such as a cup for tea or a bowl for soup. They never stopped making porcelain always better for their food and their drinks.

Arabic vase lithograph plate no. 15, Emile Prisses d’Avennes, La Decoration Arabe. Digitally enhanced from own original 1885 edition of the book

Through figures, drawings, letters, or natural landscapes; The artists wanted to express the essence of the philosophy of each civilization translating through their creations the harmony between man, his thought, and his culture.

Vase “la gloire” from the royal manufactory at Sévres from the Industrial arts of the Nineteenth Century (1851-1853) by Sir Matthew Digby wyatt (1820-1877).
Jar (Ping) with the Eight Immortals (Baxian) LACMA

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