Bees..such enigmatic and fascinating insectes (1/2)

Generous producer of sweet honey, Bees are also known for their organized behavior, hard work, and sociability. In this article you’ll find out how this mysterious little animal gained historically full of symbolism:

Royalty: In the Egyptian mythology tears of the sun god Ra, an important sun god among ancient Egyptians, fell to earth and transformed into Honey Bees.

Purity: The Greeks believed that bees only fed on the scent of flowers and avoided all impurities;

Organization and wisdom: lately, bees served as a symbol of the organization and wisdom of regents acting as heads of flourishing communities. Their “king” used as an image of justice.

Hope and holy Spirit: In Christian art, bees are used as ideograms for hope and the Holy Spirit. They refer to an attribute of various saints, such as Rita, who is surrounded by bees in the cradle.

Softness and mercy: in the Christian world, honey symbolizes both Softness and mercy;

Ordre, cleanliness and obedience: In the Middle Ages the monastic community drew correlations between the beehive and the church, which the Christians visited like the faithful and hardworking bees visit the hive.

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