Earthen pot makes your water drinking more pleasant and healthy

Drinking water stored in earthen pots is still gaining wider popularity around the world, in rural and urban communities. Clay storage vessels keep lower water temperatures than other containers. This is a result of evaporation through the porous material.

Earthen pot not just helps to keep the water cool but it is useful also to purify it naturally, therefore, the water from clay pot is cool, clean, clear and healthy.

On the other hand, this water is chemical-free compared with water stored in plastic bottles. Indeed, The earthen containers are porous which helps to stop up contaminants from the water and makes it safer to drink. Furthermore, the water from an earthen pot is alkaline in nature. Therefore, you avoid many digestive problems due to acidic aliments.

During hot condition, you have many reasons to prefer drinking water stored in a clay pot rather than in the refrigerator.

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